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Strategies to Protect Seniors Against Falls at Home


As one of the leading providers of healthcare solutions in Jacksonville, Florida, we are experts when it comes to senior care. So, allow us to share some of our helpful home tips to reduce your senior loved one’s risk of falls:

  • Encourage them to be physically active.

    With the approval of their doctor, create an exercise program that aims to keep their muscles strong, slow down bone loss, as well as keep their ligaments, joints, and tendons flexible. Exercising regularly can significantly reduce fall risks.

  • Consider hiring a caregiver.

    With the help of a caregiver, seniors can continue staying independent in the comforts of their homes longer. A caregiver can help them complete their daily living activities as well as make sure that they are safe from falls. This is perfect for seniors who live alone.

  • Make their home fall-proof.

    Install handrails and grab bars in slippery areas like the bathroom. Use anti-slip rugs instead of regular ones so they don’t slip accidentally. Ensure that there is good lighting all around the house. Lastly, the floor should be tidy and free from clutter.

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